Building Facebook Fandom Free eBook

Buidling Facebook Fandom Free ebook

Secrets To Building Facebook Fan Bases

Insights and strategies from Facebook experts

Who should read Building Facebook Fandom?

Warning!  This eBook is no casual overview.  We had readers complaining of intense brain activity while attempting to digest its content over a cup of aromatic coffee on a lazy afternoon.  Hence this eBook is for the serious readers only.

What is Building Facebook Fandom?
Building Facebook Fandom eBook is an accumulation of our experience developing strategies, techniques and "not so secret" tips we used to deploy numerous Facebook marketing campaigns for our clients.  Having helped marketers acquire over 50,000 Facebook fans in record time with high-impact and low-cost campaigns, we discovered any business can profit from Facebook with the proper approach.  

If you are looking for ways and perhaps a guide to building a legion of fans on Facebook for your company or organization, Building Facebook Fandom eBook is for you. You will learn the following from ground zero:
  • Getting started from scratch
  • Creating the right Facebook marketing strategy
  • Setting up your Facebook Page correctly
  • Publicizing your Facebook Page for FREE
  • Targeting your customers with Facebook advertising
  • Converting visitors to fans
  • Growing your fan base
  • Exciting your fan base
  • Sustaining and managing your fan base

How credible is Building Facebook Fandom?
The experts who authored this eBook had been deploying Facebook Pages and building communities of more than 50,000 fans for companies such as:
  1. Coca-cola
  2. Intel
  3. L'Oreal
  4. mothercare
  5. Wildlife Reserves Singapore
  6. Friesland
  7. AkzoNobel

Building Facebook Fandom is now available for FREE!

You must be thinking that we must be a bunch of loonies.  Most folks demand a handsome fee for the valuable information we now share freely!  The basic version of the eBook that you downloading below will remain absolutely FREE.  Our revenues come from sales of special eBook editions (coming soon), consulting and advertising gigs.

We even have a guarantee!
Our strategies and methods covered in the eBook are guaranteed to work, or we will refund you the retail price of the eBook!

As you probably realized, Facebook is constantly changing.  On many occasions, we realized that by the time we put our experiences in writing, it had already become dated (and even possibly wrong!).  Hence, please subscribe to the mailing list so that we can email you the link to the latest version of the eBook (in PDF) and also ensure that you get any related news breaking information or updates.  Subscription to the mailing list will remain absolutely FREE and NO SPAM!  

However, for the hesitant few, you can choose to preview the eBook before you decide.
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Preview Building Facebook Fandom eBookThis option is for the hesitant few who are still considering if it is worth subscribing to download the PDF version of the eBook.  Click on the link above to read and review our eBook online on Google Books.  However, do take note that FULL VERSION of the eBook is only available to our valued subscribers in the form of a downloadable PDF.  

Usage Note
Please feel free to post this on your Facebook profile, Facebook page, blog or email it to anyone whom you think will benefit from reading it.  We will always appreciate any feedback, acknowledgments and links back the source of this free eBook.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Blugrapes for their great support, and to everyone who shared their valuable experiences marketing on Facebook!

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